I had a screw off day yesterday. Stayed in bed all day. Till 6 last night. Watched college basketball, movies and news shows on TV. Slept off and on in between.

Good for mind and body to live that way every once and awhile.

I finally faced the world early last night.

I stopped first at Square One for a drink. Friends at the bar. Enjoyed their company.

Then I was off to Antonia’s for dinner. At the bar, of course. The place was packed when I arrived. I like the bar’s corner seat. There was Bart sitting protecting my spot from the predators. Thank you, Bart!

I had a terrific snapper meal and enjoyed my conversation with others dining at the bar.

I met Anne. She has been here in Key West for 20 years. How we never met before, I do not know.

Anne is originally from Lockport, NY. She has friends in Utica. One is Vince Rosssi, Jr. A fellow attorney and friend. We talked about Vincent and his Dad, Vincent also. Young Vincent is an outstanding legal mind. However, his father was the best of the best! A very smart compassionate practicioner for whom I had the highest regard and respect.

My friend the court steno Marty and his wife Donna were also enjoying Saturday night dining at Antonia’s bar. Good people. I enjoy their company.

Afterwards, I went over to La Te Da to hear Debra and Patrick. I am glad I did. I ran into a great couple from Detroit. Janet and Bart. Their first time in Key West!

They are staying at the Dewey House which is part of the Southernmost complex. Great living!
They had already a couple of nights before discovered Antonia’s, Louie’s Backyard and La Te Da.

Janet is a petite slender lovely lady of 44. Looks 34! She was dressed in one of those nice black body hugging dresses with sort of spaghetti straps. And what a tan!

Here I am freezing my ass off the past few days and she is laying in the sun! Janet and Bart are from Detroit. So they left 0 degree weather for 60-70 degree weather. Their blood is thick. Mine thin. She could handle the beach and was lightly attired last night. Whereas I spent the day under two blankets and last night was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Evidence of my blood thinning theory!

These two were very interesting people. Both are in the automotive business. Bart is sales manager for 10 distributorships in the Detroit area, most if not all foreign. Janet works for Chrysler in some big deal job involving parts.

Interesting people! Hooked on Key West! I believe they will return.

One other point of interest. Janet and Bart celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this past November. In St. Barts! Janet walked around bare ass. When in Rome do as the Romans do! Bart would not. He wore shorts. What a woman! A Key Wester in the making!

And lo and behold, Marty and Donna showed up at the bar. They had been across the street at the Keys piano bar earlier. I accused them of following me around! Again, good people!

Today is Sunday. What to do? Yes, I will watch Meet the Press at 10. There is no pro football today, so I will not be going to Don’s Place. I will probably spend the afternoon with Lisa and the family and then have Sunday dinner with them this evening.

The weather is changing. It will be in the very low 70s today. The sun is out. It looks like a beautiful day in the making.

About time!

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