The start of a good day!

It’s 6 am and I have no water pressure! Ergo, I have no water! The taps dribble, the toilets do not flush.

I figured I forgot to pay the water bill. So I telephoned the water company. The bill is a few days past due, but no disconnect on my service. So that is not the problem.

I have a call into Greg who takes care of my property. Only got the answering machine. I guess even he sleeps.

My message was simple: Get your ass over here pronto, PLEASE!

He will come soon. I hope!

This is Wednesday. Golf day. If I have no water, I cannot brush my teeth or shower. Might be I will not be playing golf today.

The weather also comes into the picture. It was down to 51 degrees last night. The high today will be only 59. Tomorrow 63.

It’s cold!

My friends up north are probably laughing. However after you have been down here a while, your blood thins. So 59 degree weather here is like 20-30 degree weather up north. The affect on the body is the same.

Yesterday was a great day! Obama inaugurated! Today he goes to work. I wish him well.

Last night was quiet. I had a drink at the Chart Room. Chatted with some locals. Then off to the bar at La Trattoria for dinner. Great snapper. And finally to the Keys for a drink.

The Keys was quiet and empty. I don’t know why. The Chart Room and La Trattoria were packed. Perhaps the newness and quaintness of the Keys is wearing thin.

Hope Greg gets here soon and my water problem is simple. I really would like to play golf.

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