Mike and Lisa are in town!

Mike and Lisa are from St. Charles, Illinois.

I met them for the first time yesterday at Don’s Place. I had gone to Don’s to watch the Philadelphia game. When I arrived, Don and several others told me there was a couple at the outside bar looking for Key West Lou.

Turns out to be Mike and Lisa.

Lisa says they read the blog every day. And now they had decided to visit Key West. They have rented a house in Old Town for a month.

Lisa said they wanted to do the locals thing and intended to visit many of the places I talk about.

Mike and Lisa have a great month ahead of them! Such was obvious as I left. They were surrounded at the bar by many regulars and chattingly happily as if long time friends.

THE football game! Philadelphia/Arizona. A sad result!

I am a Donovan Mc Nabb fan. Shades of Syracuse University.

Philadelphia sucked in the first half. Cannot be described any other way. They came back big time in the third quarter. It looked like Mc Nabb and Philadelphia were going to do it. But in the end, the game belonged to the team that wanted it more. And that was Arizona.

Desire was the deciding factor.

Tonight basketball! Syracuse vs. Pitt. Big time college basketball!

Pitt is first in the country with a 16-1 record. Just lost their first game last week. Syracuse is 8th with a 17-2 record. Syracuse lost to Georgetown last week. Then a couple of nights later turned around and beat Notre Dame. Notre Dame had destroyed Georgetown only a week earlier. Tough league this Big East!

I assume Pitt will be favored. But, who knows who will win. Remember the “desire” factor which did Philadelphia in.

The weather is better this morning. Supposed to go to 75. It is still gray outside. The sun is just getting ready to rise.The water outside the window is absolutely calm. Not moving at all. The palm trees are not moving either. However another cold front is projected for tomorrow. Which means temps for several days in the high 60s and low 70s.

A big day tomorrow. Inauguration! I have to decide whether to sit home and watch it on TV. Or, go to the Little White House.

Truman used to vacation here while President. He stayed at a house on the grounds of what then was the Naval Base. The Naval Base is long gone, replaced by Truman Annex. However the house that Truman stayed at remains. It is called appropriately the Little White House and is a federally registered historical building.

The Little White House was the Camp David of Truman’s day.

The inauguration will be shown on TV at the Little White House. Other festivities are also planned. It should be quite an event. Lisa, Corey and I are talking about attending. We want to do something special on this special day.

The sun finally came up. A beautiful day in the making!

The tide is out. The water level seems lower this time of the year when the tide is out. I can see much more of the rocks on the penninsula across the way.

It is Obama’s time. He did it. He succeeeded when others doubted. His plate is full as he ascends the Presidency.

Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame commented, with regard to another and different scenerio, words that fit Obama’s success to date: “It’s seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future. It’s seeing what other people don’t see, and pursuing that vision, no matter who tells you not to.”

Have a good day, my friends!

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