Last night was a musical evening!

I enjoy Debra and Patick. They have starred weekends at La Te Da for many a year.

Last night I found a comfortable spot at a corner of the bar and enjoyed them for a couple of hours. Debra has the talent of knowing the right song to sing at the right time. That is in addition to her outstanding voice, of course.

Then I walked across the street to Keys. My intention was only to stay a few minutes. However, there was Randy Roberts performing. Or, was it Cher? Randy was Cher!

No sense in missing a great performance by a talent. So I stayed a while.

At both places, the company was good. Key West has the warmest people any where.

It continues to be cold cold. Redundant, but correct. It is about 65 right now. Sun shining. But it is the wind. It is about 30 miles per hour and carries with it over the water the cold from the north.

January is genrally the cold month here. So I anticiapte this spell will last a couple more weeks.

Lisa just telephoned. She and the grandkids are on the way over. So I am off to the kitchen to get ready for them. Rye toast, yogurt and hot chocolate!

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