I feel guilty complaining about the weather. My 94 year old father up north tells me it hovers around 0 degrees by day and as much as minus 15 by night. Yesterday the high was around 69. Last night the low was 61. Right now it is 62. The high today will be 69.

The wind is blowing strong from the northwest. It comes over the ocean at about 30 miles per hour. I can see the palm trees outside my window bending from the wind.

So I wear long pants, sweaters and a leather jacket!

That US Air crash on the Hudson yesterday was a marvel of experience and luck. The pilots are obviously heroes big time! Lucky they were on that plane yesterday. The Almighty has a plan for everything and everyone.

I spent the day watching Eric Holder’s confirmation hearing. And after the US Air problem, switching back and forth between the channels.

Holder did well. Appears qualified.

What disturbed me however was what I first read in the morning papers regarding the hearing. Republican Arlen Specter was laying for Holder. So I watched Specter’s questioning with great interest.

My conclusion: Specter should retire next year when his term ends! He tried to beat up on Holder a bit too much. It reminded me of the Newt Gingrich politics of attack and destroy. That day is gone. Bipartisanship is the new way.

There had been talk that perhaps MSNBC’s Chris Matthews might run against Specter next year. I hope he does.

I was Marty the court stenographer’s guest for dinner last night. His wife Donna is in town and joined us. We ate at Square One. A good time!

Afterwards, I walked over to the Keys. Terri was working. I wanted to hear her sing a bit.

I had a nice chat at the bar with friend Donna and Randy Roberts. Randy is THE outstanding drag performer in Key West. Quite a compliment since there are so many! When Randy does Cher or Liza, it is Cher or Liza you are watching and hearing!

OK team, enjoy your day! And keep warm where ever you are!

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