I have returned!

Good morning Key West!

Glad to be back! No, thrilled to be back!

I went from minus 3 to 62. Not bad! Wore long pants last night though. But no socks!

My trip was uneventful. Three planes and 9 nine hours. Was supposed to take 10 hours. My first plane was an hour late leaving Syracuse and so I had to be rerouted for the next two flights. It worked out well though since I arrived in Key West an hour earlier.

Could not drive with the top down, but did drive with the windows open! My friends up north will appreciate that.

I had a quiet dinner at Pisces and early to bed. Tired from the trip. Getting old.

There is a disaster however. I stepped on the scale. Bad! I gained 10 pounds in 18 days! Don’t tell me no way. The scale does not lie. We eat differently up north! And I did over indulge. But never did I realize to such an extent!

To those who may not be aware, about a year ago I lost 50 pounds. And vain I am! I like the way I now look and feel!

So a good boy I must be for a few days! Must get rid of the extra pounds.

We shall see!

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