I went craw fishing! Had not done so in many a year. Craw fishing is the local vernacular for diving for lobsters.

My hosts were friends Matt and Nancy. Matt is a deputy sheriff and Nancy works in county codes. Good people.

They picked me up at my dock with their boat and off we went!

We traveled 23 miles southwest in the Atlantic to Woman’s Key. We were right on point for Cuba had we kept going which was only 65 more miles, give or take a few.

A very desolate location! Saw only 2 other boats all day. But desolate is good under these circumstances. We threw the anchor off about a 1/4 mile from shore. Snorkeling equipment is used. After putting on the fins, masks, gloves, etc., in we went.

This is not summer time. Even with the sun out and the air temperature 80, the water was initially COLD! We were located above a sand bar/reef which was about 4-5 feet below us.

I dive for lobster about as well as I have been playing golf lately. I did not catch even one! In fact I did not see any in my quest. Matt captured one, but he had to throw it back because it was too small. Nancy was the big winner for the day. She caught 14! Leave it to the women! She did her own thing. She swam several hundred feet away from us and closer to shore. Obviously she was either very lucky or knew what she was doing. I believe she knew what she was doing! Nancy is a Conch and grew up in these waters.

We returned to my dock just before sunset. We had been out on the boat a total of 5 hours.

I felt absolutely terrific at this point! Nothing like being out on the ocean on a nice day! However I was exhausted. Dropped into bed and fell into a deep sleep for 2 hours. When I awoke my skin was smarting and I was cool all over. I looked in the mirror. I was red all over! Lobster red! And I was cool going to cold because I was heading for a mild case of sun stroke! No tee shirt, no hat while on the water.

I immediately greased my body all over, including my balding head, with after sun lotion, went back to bed and slept the whole night. And a great sleep it was! Woke refreshed. The red is gone. The chill is gone. I itch a bit and my skin feels tight in some places. Hope I do not peel.

I agree. I acted stupid not wearing appropriate attire at times on the boat. I did not even use lotion or sun block. All in all though, all things taken into account, I had a great time!

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