Cold this morning!

The high today will be 67. When it is cold up north, and it is very cold there, Key West gets hit with a cold wave.

I will be wearing long pants and a sweat shirt when I play golf later this morning.

Yesterday was a fun day!

Being a political junkie, watching Hillary Clinton testify at her confirmation hearing was exciting. She did well. I believe that the 2 year primary with Obama sharpened her. She was right on with her responses. Very impressive!

While I was watching Hillary, I received a telephone call from Lori my barber. Where was I she wanted to know. I was late for my haircut appointment. With the excitement of Hillary, I had forgotten. So Thursday is my next scheduled appointment.

I had a quiet lunch at the bar at the Yacht club. Read the newspapers.

Last night Donna invited me to dinner at her home. She and Terri treated me to a feast of stone crabs. Jumbo ones! Oh, so good! Thank you Donna and Terri!

I should not complain about the weather. My father in Utica, NY tells me it will be 0 to minus 15 degrees all week! I’ll take 67 with no complaint!


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