I played golf yesterday.

Normally, I play on Wednesdays. However my game has been improving the past 3 weeks and I played so well last Wednesday, I was anxious to play again. And soon! So I was out on Monday yesterday hitting the ball.

Or trying to do so!

I played terrible. So much for enthusiasm!

I will tell you how bad bad was. I topped the ball on the 1st tee and only drove the ball 3 feet. Yes, 3 feet!

Last night I stopped at the Chart Room for a drink. I needed it!

The Chart room is located in the Pier House. It is a very small bar in a very small location.

The Pier Houise just completed a multi year multi million dollar renovation. Every portion of the hotel was redone. Except for the Chart Room. It is as it has been going back to the 1930s and perhaps earlier.

The Chart Room is one of those spots that Hemingway frequented. So last night I sat where Hemingway once sat.

I ran into Marty the court stenographer there. And after a couple of drinks, we were off to La Trattoria for dinner.

And then off to bed to dream of my errant golf balls earlier in the day!

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