Dark outside!

I am up early again!

Yesterday was Sunday. A good day.

I spent the afternoon at Don’s Place watching the Eagles/Giants game. Excellent!

I am an Eagles fan. Donovan Mc Nabb went to Syracuse. I used to watch him play at the Carrier Dome.

Mc Nabb redeemed himself for a so so season big time yesterday. May he and the Eagles continue their winning ways next week against Arizona.

I was so excited by the Eagles win, I forgot to pay my bill when I left Don’s Place. I remembered later so I called Don to say I would pay the next time I was in. After telling me how I tried to make him for the tab, Don laughed and told me the drinks were on him. A gentleman!

Dinner was at Lisa’s. A big turkey meal. Like thanksgiving! Good! I ate too much!

After dinner, I was quietly seated in the living room reading the Miami papers when all of a sudden I was hit in my left ankle bone hard! Big pain! Blood!

I yelled. It hurt!

Robert has this very heavy mechanized truck. He accidently ran it into my ankle. Felt like a bulldozer hit me!

I looked at Robert after yelling out. Not at him, but at the pain. He looked at his sister Ally who had just walked into the room and said…..Ally did it!

I love kids!

Robert redeemed himself by getting a band aid and putting it on my ankle.

My leg, note I said leg, hurts this morning from the knee to the toes. Not awollen any where though. So this too I shall survive.

Have a god day! Beware of boys with mechanized trucks!

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