On again! Off again! The story of my computer. It was down again yesterday. Ergo, no blog again yesterday. Sorry!

Another Key West icon has died! Franko Richmond.

Franko was well loved. He was a supreme pianist. An entertainer and teacher as well. He devoted much time to teaching music to the young ones. Very young ones. Some called him the Pied Piper of Key West. A reference to the fact that Franko always had a line of young children trailing behind him.

And so I will soon be attending another memorial service. Not nice.

Speaking of services, I attended Mark Barauck’s the other night at the White Street Pier. One of the finest ever, if a death service can be so described. Some gloom and doom. However much love.

There had to be well over a 1,000 people in attendance. If the bridge had been wood instead of concrete, it would have collapsed.

The pier extends way out into the Atlantic Ocean. We sang, we prayed and we talked about Mark. Although accidental, the planning was perfect! As the sun set over the edge of the ocean, we all walked up to the pier wall and cast rose petals upon the water. What a lovely sight as the current carried them into the setting sun.

Last night was the Key West Symphony’s opening event of the season. Magnifique! Conductor Sebrena did her usual outstanding job! A great performance by all concerned.

Then it was off to the Southernmost Beachside Cafe for an after performance party. Good food! Good people! I had a drink and ate some of the goodies and then it was home to bed.

Today is Mary Jo Silva’s birthday. 71. She is my cancer afflicted friend who continues to defy all odds. Big party tonight at Aqua. All of Key West will be there. I will, too.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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