There has been no blog for a couple of days.

My computer crashed. I am writing this blog at daughter Lisa’s.

And my cable is down! Comcast says there s a problem in Key Haven.

Plus I just got back from Sears. I had a flat tire.

Is there a message in all this?

Anyhow…..yesterday was a good day! In spite of all these problems.

I played golf in the morning with Yankee Jack and Tino. Good guys! I played well. My game seems to be improving. I even won $14!

Carol Ann from Michigan has been an avid reader of this blog for several months. She is a friend of Kurt who bartends at Don’s Place. She has also written me on several occasions.

Carol Ann told me she was vacationing here the first week in January. Don telephoned me in the afternoon to say Carol Ann was at Don’s Place and wanted to meet me.

So off I was.

What a nice person! And lovely! Carol Ann is a wife/mother from Michigan. In the advertising business. She is here with her friend Kim, another lovely!

Carol Ann and Kim kept referring to themselves as Key West Lou groupies. I finally made it! Thank you, ladies!

Carol Ann returns in 3 months with her huband, 2 children and her parents. They have taken a threee room suite at the Galleon. Big time! I look forward to visiting with Carol Ann and her family when she returns.

I stopped at Aqua before dinner to listen to Bobby Nesbitt. It was like old home week. Every one was there.

Every one included Bill and June Nelson. Friends for 10 years. They are from Delaware and have a place on Summerland Key. We ended up having dinner together at Antonia’s. They insisted I be their guest.

Bill is one of Delaware’s outstanding divorce lawyers.

Then it was home for me. I had been out since about 3 in the afternoon. This old body can only take so much.

Key West has lost another icon. Mark Barauck died. Sad.

Mark owned La Te Da. A warm and generous man. He was always there for those who needed assistance.

He was only 51. A bleeding ulcer did him in. Three surgeries in Miami were unable to save him.

There will be a service for Mark later this afternoon at 5 at the White Street Pier. Mark has been cremated and his ashes will be spread upon the water. I anticipate there will be an extemely large crowd. Mark was well liked and respected.

Afterwards there will be a party to celebrate his life. the event is at La Te DA. Should be one terrific gathering! Mark threw many such parties for others. So I am confident the one in his honor will be the best.

I have to go home now to wait for the cable people to come over. I hate mundane tasks!

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