Happy Sunday one and all!

The weather is overcast this morning and there is a slight steady drizzle. The weather channel says it will lift around 11 and we will experience another 80 degree day.

I hope so! The plans are for Lisa and the family and I to go to Bahia Honda this afternoon. Bahia Honda is a State park on the ocean about 30 miles north. An absolutely beautiful beach! The kids are excited and so am I. Afterwards the game plan is for all of us to go to No Name Pub on No Name Key for pizza. A big day ahead!

So I will be skipping football at Don’s Place this afternoon. Being with Robert and Ally at the beach is a better deal!

Tonight I recommend every one go over to the Pier House for Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase. It will be the best entertainment in town!

Christmas week was a big success business wise. Key West was packed. And as far north as Big Pine. Some restaurants are claiming it was the best Christmas week ever. Many tourists came in from northern Florida and Europe. Regarding Europe, no specific country stood out. There appeared to be a smarthering from all. And all spent money!

Things will quiet down now for 2-3 weeks. Early to mid January is always a slow time.

I enjoy the hustle and bustle when the town is full. However I must admit I enjoy it even more when it is quiet.

Have a good day my friends!

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