A nice day yesterday.

I started the morning with a haircut.

Now a haircut in most instances is no big deal. But if your barber is Lori, it is! A lovely young blonde. Lovely both in appearance and personality.

Lori recently became a small business person. Her whole life she had rented a chair in a beauty salon. About 3 months ago she took the leap and opened her own place. It is just off Duval and is called Blown Away.

Every time I have been in, the place has been packed. Crazy busy! Yesterday I was the only customer. I asked where every one was. Lori laughed and said… “No one gets their hair done the day after New Year’s. They all get it done the day before.”

So there I was the day after New Year’s, all alone in this mamouth beauty salon. Just me and Lori.

Lori is sort of the family hairdresser. Lisa is there at 8:30 this morning to get her hair done and Ally is getting her hair cut by Lori at 9.

After my haircut, I was off to the Coffee House to read the morning papers.

Lunched with Lisa at the Beachside Cafe. Always pleasant! The place and Lisa.

I saw in the paper that Syracuse was playing Florida State last night and the game was being locally televised. That meant I was going to stay in. I am a Syracuse grad and have not seen the team play yet this year.

So I went out to Hogfish for an early dinner at the bar. A cup of soup and pieces of Hogfish. A very satisfying meal!

Hogfish was jam packed! Owner Bob by is doing a great job renovating the place. It is actually starting to look nice!

For those of you who might be unaware, Hogfish is and has been an open air restaurant with a dumpy appearance in a dumpy place. Stock Island. But the food is good, plentiful and cheap. The local fisherman all eat there. Especially the shrimp boaters whose many boats anchor right next door to Hogfish.

Someone years ago decided that the battered and beat up road Hogfish sits on be referred to as Downtown Stock Island. The name has stuck to this day. All part of the Key West humor!

I was home in time to bed down and watch the Syracuse game. For me, exciting!

Syracused was not ranked pre season. Now they are 11th in one poll and 13th in the other. Their record prior to last night’s game was 12-1.

I was impressed with Syracuse’s first half play. They have a great point guard. They even have this big center. A brawny type. Big shoulders. He was scoring at will. The announcers said he was leading the country in percentage shooting at 73%. Impressive!

And Syracuse appeared to have a bench. Coach Boeheim went 3 deep off the bench. Big!

Syracuse led by 16 at half. My dreams of sugarplums was that Syracuse was destined for the Final Four!

The second half was another story however. Syracuse let Florida State back in the game. Fortunately, Syracuse won by 3 or 4 points.

I noticed two problems with Syracuse in the second half. Its fabled 2-3 zone defense was being penetrated almost at will. The other problem was that the Syracuse team stopped playing as they had in the first half. No more fast breaking. They were bringing the ball down slow. They were flat footed. Syracuse was not the same team in the second half! And the closeness of the final score reflected it.

Syracuse must play 40 minutes of basketball this year to survive at or near the top of the very good Big East. The Big East already has 6 or 8 teams in the top 25 in both polls.

A good day? You better believe it!

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