The first day of the year turned out to be a very good one!

Two highlights. My grandchildren and Vera Schiff’s party!

I went over to see Robert and Ally with the goodies I had captured for them from the Keys New Year celebration. Hats, horns, beads and 2009 sunglasses.

They went over big. Bigger than the Xmas gifts they received. They played with them all day!

It reminded me of a Xmas long ago when my son John was very young. Probably around 3. Mary Lourdes and I had bought him a lot of great toys for Xmas. Some rather expensive. It was a time when we were young and struggling and could ill afford all the money we had spent.

I remember walking in the living room where the Xmas tree and gifts were. There was John on the floor. Not playing with all the expensive toys. Rather he was playing with a small coat hanger that had accompanied one of his new outfits.

I was crushed. All that money spent and he plays with a coat hanger!

Vera Schiff’s party last night was outstanding!

Vera is a transplant from somewhere in Pennsylvania. She has been here for years. A widow. She throws a party every year on New Year’s day. An event! It is always a first class big time bash!

Vera is a most charming woman. Loved by all. She is many times referred to as the Auntie Mame of Key West. Why I do not know. She is a quiet soft spoken person as opposed to the Rosiland Russell character. Perle Mesta would fit her better.

Whatever, Vera is the best of the best, regardless of the label attached.

The party was held at Square One. Inside and out. Tables of food. The drinks flowed. The company was good.

I saw many people I had not seen in quite a while. Even my daughter Lisa and husband Cory were there. I was thrilled to share the evening with them. They rarely go out. Robert and Ally keep them busy in their free time.

Today is day 2 of the new year. Lets see how it goes.

I start with Lori and a haircut this morning.

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