Good morning America! It is great to be able to sit down this morning and write my blog! I missed it the past two weeks.

The weather is good. Low 80s and no humidity.

Key West is packed. Visitors every where. Good for the visitors and good for the merchants. Every one is happy!

Duval is packed. Bodies going every which way. It is difficult walking. One has to maneuver through the crowds.

I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria last night. I was lucky to get a seat.

Interesting people all around. The couple to my right were from Seattle. First time in Key West. He is an attorney also. Works as a lobbyist. Good conversation. Tom Hanks type people as in Sleepless in Seattle.

When they left, I started talking to the couple on my left. It was lawyer’s night! He was an attorney also. In fact, he graduated from Syracuse, my alma mater.

Then cousins Karen and Sergio showed up. So it was a family night also. Karen’s Samantha and boy friend are in town and they arrived also. I had an enjoyable drink with all of them.

When I meet visitors from out of town, I tend to become sort of a travel agent. I share with every one what I consider are the good places to eat and visit. Of course, I always recommend Larry Smith and the Wine Galley. A couple of local matrons sat next to me after the Seattle couple left. They had overheard me recommmending Larry for entertainment. One of them told me she was going to tell Larry how nicely I speak of him. Well, I am telling you first Larry. Don’t let it go to your head. You are still a pain on the golf course!

I finished the evening at the Keys piano bar. Packed also. A gold mine!

Terri sang brilliantly. Randy Roberts was there and he entertained a bit.

And guess who I sat with? The couple from Seattle. They took my advice and were happily enjoying Terri when I arrived. They bought me two drinks. That was two too many for me. My temples are pounding this morning.

Enjoy the day.

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