A good day yesterday!

Played golf in the morning. With Aaron and Tino. Tino and I played a money game.

We started with Tino giving me a stroke a hole and 2 on the 5s. At the end of the first nine, Tino was winning 8 holes to 1! I was playing my usual suck game. I shot a 59 on the front side.

Tino is a gentleman. He saw I was hurting. He volunteered to up the handicap to 1 on the 3s, 2 on the 4s and 3 on the 5s. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth! I was happy to accept the added strokes!

Then the world changed!

I have not broken 50 for 9 holes in about 8 years. I shot a 46 on the back side! And that is with 3 balls in the water!

After applying the increased handicap to my score, I destroyed Tino!

By the way, Tino played well yesterday. He shot a 99.

I won a whole $1.25. We were playing a quarter a hole. Not much, but it makes the game more fun.

Again Tino, thank you for being a gentleman. I enjoyed playing with you.

I had dinner with Donna and Terri last night. Terri has returned to Key West. She was opening at the Keys after dinner.

I was tired after golf. I was still tired at dinner. So I was straight home to bed by 9 and soon asleep. That is why I am up so early this morning doing the blog. It is not yet 5 am! Pitch black outside.

Larry and Christine are having a Christmas party tonight at their home. I look forward to it. They throw a terrific party! Great hosts!

Enjoy your day!

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