Minus 2 this morning! Gray! Depressing!

I am ready to return to Key West! Over ready! Tomorrow is the day!

TV playing while I am blogging. A frost in Florida! Citrus crop in danger! 19 degrees in some parts of Florida.

It will pass. It always does! But up North here, no way! One must be prepared for a 5-6 month winter.

Pest extermination in the news again! Received a call from Key West’s Christine Cardone/Smith. Larry’s wife. They suddenly have a rat infestation. Larry told her to call Louis for advice! And she did!

Told her to move out and set the house on fire! No, not really! Gave her the name of my maintenance man who was such a great help during my crisis. And it is a crisis!

Christine’s comments and tone were the same as mine had been. Discouraging and disgusting! Ugh! It is hard to believe when a rodent invasion involves you.

The interesting thing is that when I was undergoing my 2 week crisis, Larry kept telling me to get a cat. They have a cat! Christine said the rodents are all over the outside. Around the pool, the patio, porch, etc. Many many droppings. None in the house as yet. She attributes that to the cat who sits inside the patio doors in the house in apparent guard of the premises.

I should have told Christine to get the cat’s ass outside! The cat is the in house solution to the problem. And that is the problem! The cat is in house!

Good luck Larry and Christine! I know the feeling. I can assure you however that as swiftly as the problem came upon you, it leaves. And then you can enjoy your home again!

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