Babysitting and the Christmas Boat Parade!

Yesterday was the best!

Lisa is reluctant to let me babysit. Says my attention span is limited. So I rarely have the opportunity to play grandfather alone with Robert and Ally.

Lisa must have been desperate yesterday. She let me sit for 3 hours while she and Corey went Christmas shopping for the kids.

I came prepared! I went shopping first and bought each of them something to engage their attention and mine. I found a terrific toy/game. A pillowcase with special crayons to color on it. The pillowcases had pre drawn designs. Robert’s had a football, soccer ball, basketball and baseball. Ally’s had flowers.

These were for real pillowcases. The kids colored within the lines. I sat with them while they colored. We discussed strategy, like what color to use where. And other things.

These pillowcases are terrific. When finished, they are to be ironed. The heat soldifies the crayon into the material. It cannot thereafter be extracted. The kids can sleep on them and they can be washed.

Only in America!

However it is to be noted that the pillowcases were made in China. And that is our problem!

We had a good time with the coloring. Now we were done. What to do next?

They wanted to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinder. OK by me.

They gave me the DVD. Lisa and Corey have a new plasma TV. I could not even figure out how to put the DVD in, let alone turn it on! Robert and Ally observed my frustration. They came over. Robert took the DVD and put it in the machine. Ally hit a few buttons and turned the thing on. Voila! We were watching Rudolph!

It’s a generational thing! I am 70 years older than the two of them. I could not figure out how to work the xy#&*z thing!

So much for the baby sitting. I survived! The kids survived! And we all had a good time!

Last night was the Christmas Boat Parade. A great event!

I was a guest of the Fury. Terrific food, unlimited booze. A band also. About 150 of us.

The weather was so delightful…..cold!!!!!!! 66 degrees in reality. The chill factor about 50. Big cutting breeze. Choppy water.

I dressed for the occasion. Socks, jeans, sweater and leather jacket. Could have used a scraf, gloves and hat. But I survived. And had a wonderful time in the process!

People go crazy in Key West for this boat parade every year. About 50 boats were entered. All decorated to the hilt with lights and what have you reflecting the holiday.

There was one of a martini glass. At least 10 feet tall. Well done! Even to the green olive! And the red pimento inside the olive!

Another boat had a huge octopus. And its tentacles constantly changed colors and moved!

A peace sign boat, a crocodile boat, xmas trees galore and Santa Claus’ galore! What ingenuity and effort went into the decorating process!

And the shoreline was mobbed with people watching as far as the eye could see!

It was a great party and I thank the Fury for inviting me. Of course, I was cold and exhausted by the end. So it was straight off to home and bed. I got 7 solid hours of sleep last night. Had to be the cold air!

I am glad it is Sunday. My day of rest! It is supposed to be warm today. 76. I look forward to it.

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