60 degrees this morning!

I am sure my friends up north are smiling. Their weather this past week has been in the minus column. Yet, cold is as cold is! I am cold!

I was fortunate to have lunch yesterday with a very lovely lady. My daughter Lisa.

Lisa took a vacation day so we had some time to sit over lunch at the Yacht Club and chat. Love her dearly!

Last night was dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Busy. Saw some friends. Exchanged holiday greetings with all.

Then it was off to Keys for a drink. Good music! Excellent singing!

The Keys continues to be packed. Not locals, however. Mostly tourists. A different crowd.

Two big deals ahead today.

First, Lisa is permitting me to baby sit this morning. Only the second time ever. She and Corey need some time to Christmas shop for the kids.

Tonight is the Christmas Boat Parade. I have been invited aboard one of the boats. Last year was so beautiful and such fun. I look forward to this evening.

It will be cold out on the water. Jeans, sweater and leather jacket time!

I am cold sitting here. Enough. Back to bed under the warm covers!

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