Great bocci party last night! The best!

When I was young, my Father went to his bowling banquet each year. It always excited him.

Last night was my first bocci banquet, so to speak. It excited me.

I am not quite sure of the number of teams in our Thursday night bocci league. I think it is 16. If wrong, I am close.

The party was not for all 16. It was only for 4. Four of the teams made a side bet that whoever won amongst themselves would be feated at a party paid for by the 3 losing teams. We won! Bat Construction! Captained by David!

The party was held at the outside bar at Don’s Place. Don played on Bat Construction also.

The losers paid $15 each for the party. Whatever the total, it resulted in a paid bar and food for all! And the food was terrific! David did the cooking, assisted by Michael.

They started getting ready for the evening party at 1 in the afternoon. First, tons of shrimp were cleaned and cooked. Yes, shrimp. No screwing around here! Only the best! Plus other appetizers.
The entre was roast beef. Rare, tender and delicious. Two big roasts. David starterd cooking them on the outside grill at 1 and by 8 they were ready to eat. Michael made a great pasta.

Yankee Jack provided the entertainement. On occasion he was ably assisted by Christine, Larry and bartender Jill. Yankee was his usual terrific self! We even sang Christmas songs together!

There was a feeling of camadreship evident. Fairfield was one of the losing teams. You will recall they mooned us last week. A great bunch, ass wise and other wise. They “created” a trophy which they presented to Captain David in recognition of our winning. A nice touch. Thoughtful. Well appreciated.

It will hang in the inside bar at Don ‘s Place for all to see. A deserved tribute to our success!

Where else but in Key West!

I see the U.S. Senate has voted down the auto bailout. When I was young, probably back in my high school days in the late 1940s or early 1950s, there was a saying that…..whatever was good for General Motors, was good for the nation!

If General motors goes down, do we as a nation soon follow? These are uncharted waters.

I suspect General Motors will get bailed out by President Bush directly. He has the power to use the TARP funds. Those are the $350 billion left from the initial $700 billion authorization for the banks.

I do not understand. We gave all that money to the banks. But we cannot loan a measley $14 billion to the auto industry. Insanity! Does not make sense to me.

It is grandstanding by certain memebers of the Senate. Sure, most of us are against bailouts. However when it gets to the down and dirty, there is no choice! We must do it! Or we may face our own and a world wide recession that will shame 1929.

I am anxious for this transition period to come to an end. It is almost like having no President while we wait for January 20. No adverse reflection intended upon Bush. It is just that it is a vacuum period and he has little actual power.

Additionally the time frame is also providing some Senate Republicans with the opportunity to make a few final disruptive gasps. We live in dangerous times. Politics must be put aside. All must work together for the greater good. Or there will be no good for any one!

A new day is coming! Difficult though it will be, I believe Obama will get it done! If he does not, we are in real big time trouble! What we are experiencing today will only be kid stuff in comparison!

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