Good morning world!

A lovely morning. Also one that foretells a return to bad weather. Bad for Key West, that is. But not bad by any one else’s standards.

As the sun rose this morning, the sky was splashed with pink. It reminded me of a ditty I learned as a young man…Rainbow at night, sailor’s delight. Rainbow in morning, sailor take warning!

I have found over the years that a pink sunrise is the sailor’s rainbow.

We have had an unusual cold spell. However 2 days ago, it lifted. The last 2 days have been in the mid 80s. The evenings perfect. Last night I slept with windows and doors open and not even a sheet over me. Pure comfort!

Right now it is a bit humid. I am sticky as I write.

A storm developed a few days ago in northwest United States. It traveled through the midwest. It is headed straight for us in the southeast.

It will not bring ice or snow. Wouldn’t that be something! However it will bring rain and cooler temperatures. Rain is projected for later today and tomorrow. And the high tomorrow will be 69! A 15 point plus drop in 24 hours!

And that is why we call high 60s/low 70s temperatures cold here in Key West!

Golf yesterday! I shall not complain.

There were only 5 of us. Don, Aaron, Kurt, Tino and me. So we played what I assume is a local game called Wolf. I will not even attempt to describe it.

I had some good holes and some bad holes. 9s and 10s are bad holes! An 8 is a moral victory for me. But every now and then I shine. I shined enough yesterday to win $6. Better to win than to lose. Kurt and Don were the big winners.

We had a good time!

Afterwards we sat around for awhile on the porch of the club house solving the world’s problems.

It was hot out there on the golf course yesterday. Enough to produce blocks of sweat on our T shirts. The heat must have gotten to me. I went home and to bed. I was dead. I stayed there all day and all night. I never got out of bed till this morning!

Tonight is our bocci banquet. At Don’s Place. Guaranteed fun! I am anxious to attend.

This political talk involving the Illinois Governor is getting to me. As it relates to Obama. The prosecutor appeared to give Obama a clean bill of health. So what do the political pundits do? They ask who knew what and when! Leave Obama alone! He has enough to worry about with the economy, war and everything else. I sometimes think the press goes too far. There is a balance with every thing in this world. Or, at least, there should be!

Have a good day!

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