A relatively low key day yesterday.

Stayed in bed late. Then lunch at the Yacht Club. Followed by a walk.

I walked the Atlantic end of the island. I was in the mood for quiet.

Part of my walk took me onto the grounds of the new part of the Southernmost. Absolutely beautiful! What a setting! Right on the ocean. The new portion of Southermonst is built on the grounds of the former Atlantic Shores. I doubt there will be any nudity at Southernmost however, except in the rooms. Ho ho!

Nothing has replaced the Atlantic Shores concept yet. A clothing optional bar on the beach. Perhaps never.

I was running out of groceries so it was off to Publix. I have come to enjoy pushing the grocery cart around. I see everyone! A great place to meet and chat with friends.

It is funny because I never grocery shopped in my life back in Utica. What I missed!

I had a late dinner alone at the bar at La Trattoria. Beccha was her usual lovely self. She made my evening with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Then it was La Te Da for Debra and Patrick. Such wonderful people! Such great performers!

La Te Da was jumping! Every one dancing and singing!

There were a bunch of nurses. From the local hospital. All having a good time. Some had been laid off earlier in the day. They were out drowing their sorrows in a celebratory fashion.

This recession is obviously tough. Especially when it gets into the hospitals. People are still sick and need attention. The business is still there. Why then the cutbacks?

I walked across the street to Keys. Marty was at the bar. Had a drink with him. We are becoming friends.

Marty is a court stenographer. 70ish. For my friends up north, in the Sy Turret fashion. We had good humorous conversation.

It was about 11. Marty brought to my attention it was after 10. He wanted to know what I was still doing out!

Such is my life.

Tonight is the Christmas parade. Karen and Aaron are having a party. They live on the parade route on Truman. Their second floor condo has a huge deck facing Truman. We will watch the parade from there.

Stay healthy!

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