An absolutely outstanding evening last night!

It started with Santa Claus at the Yacht Club.

My grandchildren Robert and Ally were terrific!

Robert was all excited waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap. This was a big night!

Ally was as expected. Her day long bravado disappeared as soon as she saw Santa. She immediately told Lisa she was not going to sit on his lap.

However it all worked out well. Robert went to one of Santa’s legs directly. Ally hesitated, but finally made it. She sat there a bit stiff, but she sat there. Good girl, Ally!

Then we all had a family dinner together. Nice!

I had bocci afterwards. Actually I had bocci while the grandkids were waiting in line to see Santa. I rushed over to bocci as fast as I could. I got there just as the second game was starting.

We had just lost the first game when I arrived. Captain David said I was playing. I hurried to my end of the court to partner Jules. Threw a few practice shots and we were on our way.

Last night was important. We had to win 2 out of 3 to stay in the running for the playoffs. We were playing Fairfield Motels. They are also part of our 4 way bet. We had to beat them to be the free team at the bocci party next week at Don’s Place.

We won the last 2 games! Decisively! I played well. I wish I could play this decently at golf. Sorry, Dee.

As usual, Jules made the winning shot in the third game. She got the ball in again where no ball could go! David, Don, Shane and Michael played terrific also. As a team, we made the shots we had to when we had to.

A great victory!

We were exhilerated! You would have thought we won the World Series.

We decided to celebrate as a team. So it was off to Don’s Place.

The Fairfield team was also at Don’s Place. Sometime during the celebration, someone put on a tape called I am not sure what. Its thrust was “We Are Champions!” Our team sang it! At the top of out lungs! Whooping it up!

The Fairfiled team got off their stools, male and female alike, lined up and in unison mooned us!

Only in Key West!

Key West is a good place! Every one friendly. A live and let live attitude prevails.

All these people around the world who want to kill us and each other should live here for a while. It would change their mental attitudes.

Of course, I am not sure how some from the middle east would take to the mooning episode. Especially by the women!

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