Fifteen degrees outside. However the chill factor is 3.

I understand Key West is experiencing a cold front. My early morning e mails tell me the temperature was in the high 50s overnight. I hope it improves for when I return Friday evening!

Another quiet day yesterday.

Went to the movies last night. I seem to rarely go lately. It was a pleasant experience! And saw a good movie besides!

Charlie Wilson’s War!

I recommend it!

We all know that the primary reason Reagan was able to finally bring down Communist Russia was the military industrial effort which was foisted upon the Russians. My impression has always been that Reagan stood up to Russia militarily and forced them to produce war machinery to the point of bankruptcy.

And correct I am! Charlie Wilson’s War gets into the nitty gritty of the situation.

I suggest you see it! I highly recommend it!

Along the way you will also be provided an opportunity to see how our representative congressional government operates. Inept, incompetent, by accident and with sexual and drug overtones. And religion of course! But it works! In spite of everything!

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