Wow, did it rain last night! Hurricane type weather! Monsoon!

Strange because it was not predicted. In fact, rain for the entire month of November here in Key West was .01 inch. I bet we got at least 3 inches last night!

I spent some time at Don’s Place yesterday afternoon watching 4 different football games simultaneously. Sometimes it gives me a headache! However it is fun to do. And the company is terrific! The best of Key West is at Don’ Place on a Sunday afternoon!

One of yesterday’s food speciaties was the good old cheeseburger. Don’s friend David does the cooking. Sometimes he is assisted by the love of his life, Karen.

Jimmy Buffet made the cheeseburger and Key West famous as a team with his song Cheeseburger in Paradise. Buffet wrote the song based on his experience of eating cheeseburgers at Dennis’ Pharmacy on the corner of Simonton and South Streets.

Dennis’ was an old time drug store. A pharmacy with a soda/food counter and a few tables thrown in for good luck. A locals place. Cheeseburger a big selling item! Good and greasy. Cheap. I can picture Buffet sitting at the counter or a table quietly reading the paper and munching away on one.

And so Dennis’, the cheeseburger and Key West became famous as a unit! But everything is not forever! Dennis’ no longer exists. It closed down a couple of years ago. A Marine Midland Bank replaced it. It saddens me each time I pass the corner.

Which brings us back to David’s cheeseburgers. They are the best in town! They have replaced the ones that Buffet devoured at Dennis’. And I am willing to bet that some aspiring musician will discover them and write a tune along the lines of David’s Cheeseburgers at Don’s Place!

Don ‘t laugh. Look what Jimmy Buffet did for the cheeseburger and Dennis’ Pharmacy!

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