Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

I love holidays! A good family and friend time!

I am having dinner with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. Robert and Ally are all excited! They are beginning to understand and appreciate these big days.

And to John and Allie who are visiting from Leeds, England, I wish you a most happy Thanksgiving day! Enjoy your time with Larry and Christine!

Golf yesterday.

I do not know why I play the game. I am never going to get better. Most times, I play worse than the previous week. Yesterday was one of those days!

I could not drive. My second shot was non existant. Forget pitching and chipping. And my putting was rediculous.

I shot 128! For shame!

I rode with Kurt. Kurt is not only a good guy, he is a gentleman! Yesterday was a big day for him. He shot a 72! Two over par. What a pleasure it was to watch him play!

And he never once said a word of criticism to me. He was always there helping to find my ball in the tall grass or shrubbery. All the while he had this great round going!

Kurt bartends at Don’s Place. Stop by and chat with him. You will like him!

Yankee Jack and Larry completed our four some. I, of course, was the big loser. Cost me $12. Kurt the big winner.

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt at Aqua at cocktail time. Always good! Primarily locals in attendance. Donna showed up.

We had dinner afterwards at the bar at Antonia’s. Quiet. I guess everyone was home cooking and preparing for today’s meal.

I was tired. Shooting 128 will tire any one out! Think of how many times I had to swing the club! So I went directly home after dinner. Donna was off to the Keys to see Terri and a late evening.

The powerhouse lesbians (as they describe themselves) are getting together for Thanksgiving dinner today at some one’s home. Donna, Terri and Mary Jo plan on going. Some sort of discrimination involved here. We of the other gender cannot attend.

I am looking out the window. An absolutely beautiful day in the making! There is something exhilerating about living on the ocean and seeing the mass of water every day! Good for the mind! Good for the soul!

Enjoy your day!

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