My day yesterday started with a Thanksgiving party at Montessori. My grandkids Robert and Allie were absolutely wonderful! Ah, a grandfather’s pride!

They each wore a pilgrim’s hat. Robert one of those big black ones and Allie a cute white bonnet.
They sang and prayed and then sat down to a Thanksgiving feast. And they had it all! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. So much food! And after the kids were fed, the adults were allowed to dive in.

I have done Montessori in upstate New York with one of my other grandchildren. Never anything like this! A feast! The affluence of Key West was reflected in the meal.

Dinner was equally delightful last night. I dined at La Trattoria with Donna and Terri. Donna is my lesbian friend. Terri is a lesbian also. They have become lovers. Holding hands in public and the like.

Terri continues to be an interesting woman. As you know, she is in love with Key West as well as Donna. Terri is going to settle here permanently. She told me last night it reminds her of New York’s Village 40 years ago when everyone knew each other, everyone was helpful to each other, everyone was concerned for each other and so on.

I also learned that for the past 4 years Terri has been opening for Liza Minelli in Las Vegas.

After dinner, I took the both of them over to the Pier House. I wanted Terri to meet Larry Smith. She did. She sang 2 songs. She wowed him! She wowed everyone in the room!

John and Allie from Leeds, England were there. I met them about 2 years ago at a dinner party at Larry and Christine’s home. They spend one month a year in Key West. John swears he reads my blog every day. He also occasionally e mails me.The blog keeps him up with Key West.

It was good to see John and Allie again. They are spending Thanksgiving with Larry and Christine. However at John and Allie’s place. John and Allie are cooking a special English meal for them.

Golf this morning! I am anxious to play. It is a bit on the cool side. Overcast. The high is projected at 73.

Have a good day!

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