Good morning!

Happy New Year!

Good health!

Good health is more important than wealth. Without health, one cannot enjoy. So stay healthy this year! And contribute to good health! Drink and eat less. Work out a bit, even if it is a short walk every day. Be happy. Laugh.

I never went out last night. Opted to stay home alone. Strange, but that it is the way it worked out. I watched reruns of the last season of the Sopranos on HBO from 8 last night to 7 this morning, except for a few minutes at midnight watching the ball drop at Times Square on NBC.

Not reruns for me. I never saw the last season of Sopranos since I was out evenings in Key West when it was originally shown.

Wow! Bloody!

I am looking out the window. Still snowing. Heavy stuff. I don’t think it ever stopped from yesterday.

I return to Key West friday. None too early for me!

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