The cold wave has moved on! The only problem is that another one is predicted starting Wednesday. Whatever, the sun is bright this morning, nary a cloud in the sky and the breeze is soft and comforting.

Syracuse beat Notre Dame Saturday! 24-23. An upset! Syracuse football has sucked for around 10 years. Notre Dame is only the third win of the season for Syracuse. And the season is almost over! Plus Syracuse fired their coach this past week prior to the game. A good win! Oh, how I long for the days of Syracuse football supremecy to return!

Yesterday was Sunday. A bit of a busy day for me.

In the morning, I drove to the gas station to buy the Sunday papers. Then home for breakfast and to read them.

Around noon Lisa came over. We sat outside in the sun for a couple of hours and chatted. Father/daughter talk. Good for the soul!

Sunday means pro football time. So after Lisa left, I was off to Don’s Place.

The place was mobbed! The food of the day was chili. It was Don’s Annual Chili Cookoff Day!

More than 20 entries.

I tried a few. Learned something. Never mix chilis! My stomach was boiling all afternoon!

Tino was taking pictures. You can see them at I am in the last two eating chili.

Tino, you are one great photographer! To describe it aptly, Don’s Place is a bit worn. Tino’s pics make the place look bright and shiny.

Then off to Lisa’s to play with the grandkids. They are excited about Thanksgiving! Especially 4 year old Robert. All he talks about is the turkey. This is the first Thanksgiving he appears knowledgable about the holiday.

My friend Donna had invited me to join her at the Waterfront Playhouse where she has season tickets for a show last night. On the way over, I stopped at the Pier house to talk with Larry Smith. However there was a wedding reception going on. So I said my hellos to him and then walked over to the Waterfront Playhouse.

The show at Waterfront was called Encore! Twenty five of Key West’s best vocalists sang Broadway tunes. One song per singer. Each came out, did his/her thing and was off the stage. Simple and sweet! Most good. Some great! I especially enjoyed Bruce Moore, Mike Mulligan and Randy Roberts.

After the show, Donna and I were in the mood for a nightcap. We stopped at Keys for a drink. Terri was singing. So good!

Mary Jo was there also. I ended up driving Mary Jo and Donna to their respective homes and then it was home for me!

All in all, a nice day! A Key West day!

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