I wish it would warm up!

60s during the night and the low 70s by day is not to my liking. I prefer warm all the time.

It sounds strange to those who have not lived in this climate for a long time to hear someone complain that those numbers are uncomfortable. Especially my friends in upstate New York who right now are experiencing weather around 25 degrees and 10 inches of snow!

I have concluded that there is truth to the age old adage that one’s blood thins in a warmer climate. That is why this weather is bothering me. Remember it was only 3-4 weeks ago when we had daily temperatures in the low 90s. That is a 20-30 point drop in a short period of time. My blood has not thickened!

Oh, the problems of life! May they all be no worse than the weather I complain of.

I had a pleasant day yesterday.

Lunch at Paradise Cafe. A long one. I sat outside in the sun and read the Key West and Miami papers.

Then I stopped at Borders. I am close to finishing The Forever Wars by Dexter Filkins. A great book! About the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those Iraqis are crazy! Not our culture! We are trying to customize them to our type society. Good luck! It will never happen. Thousands of years cannot be chaged overnight or over 10 years or over a 100 years. We are different peoples! So they now have a President and some sort of congress. Just a front to accomodate us.

The book indicates that the towns are really run by war lords. Fighting/killing is a common occurence. One community has a man who is in charge of beheading. That is his job! Like being the town hangman. He slices heads off. And then keeps them in his house to show off!

Something sick there.

It gets even better. Someone lost a son. The beheader wanted the parent of the dead son to know his death had been avenged. So after beheading the culprit, he plucked the eyes out and sent them over to the parent. A gift!

Revenge is a big part of the Iraqi culture. They apparently have a saying to the effect that……I shall drink his blood! In other words, if someone does you evil, you have the individual killed and drink his blood! Yes, that is what I said. To put it in factual context, an Iraqi woman lost her husband to a bad guy. A friend killed the bad guy and filled a vial with the dead guy’s blood. Then he took it to the widow who drank it down.

Why are we there? When are we getting out? Our societies are like oil and water. Never will mix! Never will blend!

A very revealing book! I recommend it for reading.

Last night I had a pleasant meal at the bar at La Trattoria. Then over to La Te Da. Debra and Patrick are back. It was their opening night. A huge crowd!

I walked across the street later to Keys. Stayed for a few moments to chat with friends.

And then home to bed. My evening was over by 11. I will never learn how to stay up late. It is not part of my nature.

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