Still cold!

I even wore a leather jacket when I went out last night!

Supposed to warm up over the weekend.

Golf was interesting yesterday. Whether the cold became a problem, depended on the hole being played and the direction of the wind. The trees and houses block the wind. So some holes were warm and others bad cold! On one tee, the wind was behind us. It was moving fast. It was almost freezing. I thought my neck was going to snap from the ice cold wind!

Anyhow…..I had an interesting golf experience. Which I doubt had anything to do with the weather.

For the past 4 years, I have not been able to get off the tee. My drives suck!

I tried everything. Stand closer to the ball, further back, close my stance, open my stance, change drivers, use an iron, crack my wrists going back, crack my wrists at impact and so on. Nothing worked. Pure desperation!

Last year I purchased a hybrid 3 iron. My second shoot became terrific! So my inability to gain distance off the tee became less depressing.

Starting on the 10th tee yesterday, I started hitting my drives long and straight. Why, I do not know. I was not trying anything new. However I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I had 9 holes of great drives!

Nevertheless, my score did not improve!

Since my drives were now long, I could not use my hybrid 3 club. Too long. So I had to go into my bag and use irons. I was playing irons I have not touched in years. I was hitting them. But I could not judge distance. I was generally over the green.

Add to the situation that I was not putting well.

My score on the back side was no better than on the front or how I have been playing for several years. However I am not complaining. It was exciting to be hitting with the big guys again off the tee! I wish I knew why. I will be playing again next week and I want to continue hitting them long!

Aqua and Bobby Nesbitt last night! Loved it!

A bigger crowd than usual. Mostly locals. Even Karen Leonard and Linda Schufer. They were doing a girls’ night out for cocktails. Love them both!

Then dinner at the bar at Antonia’s with good friend Donna Barnett. Great company! We solve all the world’s problems when we get together.

Tonight bocci! The courts are on the Atlantic. It is going to be cold cold! Long pants time!

This Obama/Hillary and Secretary of State position is out of hand! Obama won! He is the star. She is in a supporting role. Plain and simple! Even though I believe she would be a great Secretary of State, perhaps Obama should consider some one else. The Obama/Hillary marriage may not work!

And these auto CEOs! What a disaster! What a shame! No wonder the industry is in deep trouble. I am beginning to think a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best solution. Capitalism and religion have similarities. Capitalism has failures and religion has sinners! That simple! Let nature have its way!

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