Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!Cold this morning!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever it is cold up north, we feel it here in the keys. It is freezing and snowing in upstate New York. Ergo, a 30 mile cold wind here. Coming straight down on us from the north!

I was dead tired yesterday. From the wedding and party at Don’s Place the night before, the body machine was run down. I stayed in bed till 4 in the afternoon!

Dinner with Lisa and the family last night. My grandkids are better. Full of energy again!

Robert and Ally go to Montessori. Fundraising comes into play, of course. They were both selling pasta for the school. I ordered enough pasta to last a year!

Dinner was over early. I drove into town and had a drink at Square One. And good conversation with owner Michael Stewart!

Then home to bed well before 8. Wow, what a lazy day!

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