Cold and windy this morning! 70 degrees. Down from 91 yesterday. A 20 plus degree drop. And it feels it!

The wind is howling! The palm trees are bending. The white caps are large.

The cold spell will be with us for a few days. Long pants time!

Yesterday was big party time! Two of them!

It all started with a wedding. Vicki and Jonathan’s wedding.

Jonathan is son to Karen and step son to Aaron.

I love weddings! Every one is so happy!

The ceremony took place on the deck of the Galleon. Beautiful! The couple were wed with the ocean and an occasional sailboat for a background. Then cocktails.

Later there was a dinner at Square One. Good food, good drinks and best of all–good people!

My date was Christine Cardone. Christine is Larry Smith’s wife. Larry had to play at the Pier House, so I lucked out. We sat with Linda and Bill Schufer for dinner. What fun!

Then it was off to Don’s Place for his Tenth Anniversary Party. Tons of people! Everyone enjoying themselves big time!

Don and his wife Stephanie are two of the best people in Key West. They deserve the success they have achieved. They work hard at the business!

And they remember their customers! Whenever one is sick or hospitalized, Stephanie makes a visit. At Thanksgiving, Stephanie will cook more than 20 turkeys. The Thanksgiving meal will be available at the bar. And for those who are sick, a turkey will be delivered to home or where ever.

As I write this, I am beginning to think Stephanie is more important to the business and works harder than Don. Move over Don! Put up a new sign. Stephanie’s Place!

Congrats to both!

Back to the wedding for a moment. After the ceremony, this gentleman came over and started talking with me. He appeared to know me. I had never met him before. No question in my mind. He was sort of spacey in his speech. Goofy would be a more appropriate desciption. A nice guy, however.

Later at the dinner we talked further. He was the same. Had great one liners! But again, goofy.

I later made inquiry as to who he was from one of the other guests.

He is from somewhere in northern Florida. More importantly, several years ago he won one of those multi million dollar lotteries. All alone! No one to share it with.

He can be as goofy as he wants! What does he care! He’s happy!

May we all experience that kind of happy!

Wear your long johns when you go out today.

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