The last day of the year!

I welcome it! The holidays have been enjoyable. Fun is a better word! But the usual too much food, drink and partying!

I spent New Year’s eve last year at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West. As yet, I am not certain where I shall be spending this evening in Utica. I have options. We shall see.

It snowed last night. About 6 inches. Absolutely beautiful outside! The heavy stuff! The trees and bushes are covered. Branches bent over. Truly a winter wonderland!

And probably cold! I have not been out as yet. Not in a hurry to do so. TV last night predicted some day this week the high will be 9 and the low minus 1. Key West here I come! Next Friday to be exact!

We had dinner last night at Gus and Mary’s home. Rocco and Mary Ann were there also, as well as Gus’ lawyer daughter Michelle. Rocco and Mary Ann have a time share in Key West. Gus and Mary have visited several times.

Mary cooked a non holiday dinner. The consensus was we had all already eaten too much rich food over the past several days.

Mary is a great cook!

The meal consisted of broiled chicken and potatoes, greens and oil, roasted peppers covered in bread crumbs and Caesar salad. Desert was cheesecake and freshly baked pumpkin pie.

Oh how we deceive ourselves! So much for eating less!

And the drinks! Oh so good! I started with a gin on the rocks. Then had 2 of Gus’ great espresso martinis. I finished the evening with a glass of fine aged port from his collection.

I was on the scale this morning first thing. I am on it every day. I lost 2 pounds! Excited! I had gained 2 pounds over the holidays. Made me paranoid! Was on the treadmill yesterday and the day before for 30 minutes. Watched my food and drink for 2 days, till last night. When you analyze Mary’s meal closely, it actually was good food. Chicken and vegetables! I ate lightly. Had a sliver of pumpkin pie. Except for the drinking, I did well! And the scale rewarded me!

Drive safely this evening! Enjoy!

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