I am in Utica, New York.


When I awoke yesteray morning, I did not even know I was going to travel. Around 10 am I was checking things out on the computer, and lo and behold, up pops a Continental Airlines special round trip Key West to Syracuse for $303 plus taxes! Cheap cheap!

I booked it! Three hours later I was on the plane!

The recession is obviously affecting the airlines. I flew on a friday. A busy day normally. Businessmen returning home, people leaving on vacations.

Not yesterday! The airports were empty. The planes less than full. My first big plane from Fort Myers to Cleveland had about 30 passangers. And I was worried whether I would get a good seat since I made my reservation so late!

My flight out of Key West to Fort Myers was on Cape Air. A first for me!

The plane was a small 9 seater with one propeller. The nine seats included the co-pilot’s. A paying passanger had to sit there. Only one pilot to a flight! The nose was painted like a shark. Reminded me of the Flying Tigers’ planes of World War II. John Wayne vintage!

I must admit I had a bit of trepidation as we took off. It was groundless. What a smooth take off. What a great flight! Fifty minutes of absolute joy! Big windows! Panoramic views! Everything good!

It was 70 here when I arrived last night. About the same as Key West. Obviously no snow. Just good northern night air! It is different to the taste and smell. It was nice to experience it again.

On the flight on the little plane out of Key West, there was a relatively young lady. In her mid 30s to mid 40s. She was in a wheel chair. Had difficulty being squeezed into the small plane, let alone the small seat once inside. Then her chair had to be folded and somehow squeezed in also.

It appeared she had muscular dystropy or some related illness. The crunch upped body, the tremors.

She was on the big jet from Fort Myers to Cleveland with me also. I noticed that she was flying with a male companion. They were seated across the aisle from me.

During the 3 hour flight, I noticed how attentive he was to her. Holding her hand. Kissing her. Many times he brushed her lips with his. They were obviously in love. I assumed they had been for a long time. I thought how lucky she was. And even more, how lucky he was.

I don’t know what the day will hold. It is gray outside. The temperature is supposed to drop to the low 40s starting today. The trees are either totally stripped of foliage or have a few brown remnants left on them. The ground is covered with leaves.

I see all this out of a bedroom window here which overlooks my immense back yard. Just short of 3 acres. It is like living in the woods.

How lucky I am! In Key West I have the beauty of the ocean outside the window where I do this blog. And here this great forest.

God is good!

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