Golf yesterday!

I played well. Finally! I even had 2 pars on the front side. Generally, I score one par every 3 months.

Yankee Jack and I played a match. He is a much better player than I. Or is it me? Whatever!

Anyhow he gave me a stroke a hole, even on the 3s.

I won $7! I played better than normal. Yankee was not quite on his game. That’s golf!

As we were leaving the course, Yankee was mumbling……next time no strokes on the 3s! I can never win! I do not understand. When I lose $10-$15, no one talks about extra strokes next week. When I win, which is seldom, it is always less strokes or no more strokes!

Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. A pleasure listening to him sing! Bruce Moore joined in on several songs. What power! What range!

Afterwards, dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. Tiffany was bartending. Clayton is gone. TK does not start till Saturday.

Tiffany previously bartended at Antonia’s for 21 years. A pro! Then she decided she had had it. She wanted to bartend no more. So she quit and ran off to Reno. She returned 6 months later. As a waitress. Her choice. She still wanted a change in her lifestyle. However with Clayton gone, she has volunteered to bartend 2 nights a week. It was a pleasure having her at the bar last night. She is a warm pleasant personality.

Antonia’s was packed. They even ran out of snapper.

The boat racers are in town. Cigarette or cigar boats. I am not sure what they call them. Big expensive boats. Go 150 miles plus per hour. The owners and crews are here with their wives and girl friends. Everyone having a big time. Good for them! Good for the town!

It was nice seeing Key West busy.

After dinner I went over to the new Keys. A New York City type cocktail lounge. New singers brought in weekly from New york City. They bartend, wait tables and sing–all at one time!

A new group was in last night. Terrific singers! Talent! And they get the crowd involved. Everyone sings along!

The election is over. It seems to be the calm after the storm. There was little if any talk about it yesterday, all day. No matter where I was. Every one appears happy. But again, no talk. Maybe we are electioned out after 2 years.

Bocci tonight! Can’t wait! Love it!

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