President Obama!

Sounds good! Writes well! Feels better!

I wish him well. We should all offer a prayer for his success. His election has not changed the nature of the road. It is still bumpy. The burden great.

And I am tired! Exhausted! Up till after 2! I do not stay up that late to play!

This morning golf. Prophecy: My game will stink! Excuse: I did not get enough sleep! Will be oh so tired!

In between all the political stuff yesterday, I went over to watch Robert play in his first soccer game. Previous nights have only been practice.

A disaster! He looks good. Runs well. But not after the ball. He is all over the place. Takes everything in. Stops to talk to people. He does not have the concept of the game down yet. He is not focused.

But he is not the only one. Half the team is the same way.

His team won. Robert was thrilled. And that is all that matters!

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