I have decided! The new Keys piano bar is a winner!

I spent some time there last night. My third visit.

The concept is interesting. Talent is imported from New York City. They are here for a short period. They work the bar and wait tables also. And they sing! Great singing!

There were four performers last night. All good. Two outstanding.

Kelly Howe is her name. Youngish, perky, preppy. And beautiful! Both in appearnace and voice.

George Sanders is an absolute nut! A great singer and comedian combined! His voice and antics took us through Naples and Greece and the good ole USA. A talent!

I arrived around 9:30. The place was just filling. By 10 there was not a seat to be had.

I started my evening at Eye Eye Eye. Obviously has to do with optics/glasses. There was a party to introduce new English and Belgian frames. Great looking! Some freaky! None to my taste.

Then to Antonia’s for dinner. When I walked in, host Michael Schwartz almost had a heart attack. I did not have a reservation. I always call for a reservation. Last night, I did not. I was not sure where I wanted to eat.

It all worked out however. They threw a table clothe on the floor in the corner. I ate Indian style. No! Ho ho! I sometimes think I am cracking up from this good Key West living!

Antonia’s was packed. Many friends. Good talk. And of course, good food!

My friend Clayton the bartender is leaving. Sad! He has been a mainstay at Antonia’s for several years. Last night was his last night. He is moving over to Bagatelle’s in a mangement position.

Clayton is from New Zealand. Loves it here! Loves it there! A world traveler besides. He even has a place in Dubai.

Good luck, Clayton!

A bartender is a most important position. Especially when you eat so often at the bar as I do. That is what a single does.

Turns out Antonia’s already has Clayton’s replacement. TK! Yes, TK from Mangos!

TK is the premier bartender in Key West. And the nicest! A great human being! For real!

I first met TK 20 years ago when I started visiting Key West. He has probably worked all the best bars in Key West over the years. It will be good to have him at Antonia’s!

I was a stranger in town when I first arrived 20 years ago. Knew no one. You have to know locals to truly enjoy. TK invited me and my family to our first Key West home party. It opened up the town to us. I have never forgotten the invitation and the warm gesture it incorporated.

I am screwed up time wise! We were supposed to turn the clocks back last night. I forgot. Not really. I do not know how. My generation is not mechanically inclined. So I have to wait for Lisa to come over to do it. Thank God the computer self adjusts time wise.

I will be like a kid for next several days adjusting. It’s all in the head! But, that’s me!

Kurt from Don’s Place gave me a book on golf. Kurt is about a 6 handicap. I am a 33. I need help! Actually, I am helpless when it comes to golf!

One of the tips in the book was a man’s hemisphere in his head. Apparently men are primarily left hemisphered. The hemisphere depends on what part of the body a man uses. If one is right handed, he is left hemisphered. Women understand these things better than men. It has to do with sensitivity and those sort of things.

Anyhow the book said if one is right handed, he has beeen teeing the ball with his right hand. Switch to the left hand was the suggestion. It will bring the right hemisphere into play and the ball will go longer and straighter.

Anything to improve my game!

I teed the ball on the first hole with my left hand. Very difficult to do if you have been doing it your whole life with the right hand. My hand shook. My body wobbled. I finally got the ball set up.

I hit the longest and straightest drive ever! Holy shit! Was I excited! Wonder of wonders! My game was finally going to improve.

Good luck! That was the last time I got off the tee. I stopped doing it around the 14th hole.

Maybe I require a phsychic. I need my long gone Mother to give me advice.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays! The papers, Don’s Place for pro football watching and dinner with Lisa and the kids.

Enjoy your day. I am going to enjoy mine!

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