The day was quiet yesterday.

I spent about 3 hours in the morning getting rid of some paper work I had let accumulate. Made myself a light lunch. Then went outside to test the weather.

A cold wind was coming in off the Atlantic. The nor’easter is still with us. However the sun was warm. About 75. So I layed down by the pool on a lounge with my back to the wind. The heat of the sun felt good!

I drifted off. Awoke about 2 hours later. Felt good!

Yesterday was Halloween. People were dressed and out and about last night. Some couples, some families. Terrific costumes! As good as Fantasy Fest! Though I saw no nudity. Halloween is more of a family occasion, I guess.

I started the evening at the new Keys. Still unsure as to whether I like it. Bobby Nesbitt was playing and that is why I was there. He’s the best!

Bobby has a significant following. Before long, there were at least 30 locals there enjoying his singing.

My friends Bill and June Hudson showed up. We had a couple of drinks together. He had read my comments concerning him a few days earlier. Laughingly. We spoke more of the election. He and June conceded things do not look good for Mc Cain. Bill said it with sorrow in his eyes. I think his blood runs Republican!

I opted for dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. I walked over. The streets were crowded with costumed people enjoying themselves. Quietly so.

It was the same inside La Trattoria. Many of the diners were in costume, some with their children.

Lovely Beecha was dressed also. As a sultry cat. Even had face whiskers. A beautiful woman with a very gracious personality. As I was having a drink, she came over to give me a hug and peck on the cheek. Made my evening!

A costumed family with a young baby came in. The baby was dressed for Halloween also. Beecha went over and held and played with the baby. Me thinks Beecha is ready for motherhood. I hope she trips upon a nice guy. She is deserving.

One never sits alone for dinner in Key West. There is always someone you know. Sure enough, Marty showed up and sat next to me. Marty has been a court stenographer here in Key West for over 20 years. He still maintains a home in Miami. We enjoyed each other’s company. Talked shop. Remember, I am a retired attorney.

Then home to bed, TV and sleep. All before 10! No costume, no trick or treating, no candy.

Lisa just telephoned me. My grandkids made me up a basket of goodies from their trick or treating last night. I am to go over and pick it up today. So all was not lost! The child in me will be satiated today!

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