Bocci last night!

A spectacular evening!

We won all 3 games. 16-5, 16-5 and 16-7. A blowout!

Every one played well. Exceptionally well. We were all on!

Special mention to David and Jules.

David is our captain. He did not play the previous 2 weeks. He gave up bocci as one gives up golf. He had a few bad games and said screw it! But last night he decided to try again. And well he played! A star!

My partner Jules was absolutely the best! She has a hook shot that is hard to believe. She got that ball into places last night that were impossible! We all love you, Jules!

I continue reading The Forever Wars about Afghanistan and Iraq.

These people are nuts! If you ever had a question as to whether we should have invaded Iraq, read the book. We did not belong there. Additionally, we are different peoples. How can we talk with a people who slit throats and chop off heads of captives! We should have left them to be. We are different societies. One should not try to impose its way of life on the other. Either side. It goes both ways.

The book suggests the Iraqis are silently tolerating us. They take what we can give. They bide their time till we leave. Whenever that may be.

We were wrong to go in. We must get out. The sooner, the better. Curiously, what will our relationship with Iraq be after we are gone? I doubt a close one. They will not view us as benefactors. Rather as an invader. Who killed over a million of their people, maimed many more and left devestation.

Afghanistan is another story. One reason is Osama Bin Laden. That is where he lives. That is where he hides. And he we must get!

Election day is around the corner. It has been one wild ride getting to this point!

Putting aside my support for Obama, this has been one of the most exciting campaigns of my lifetime. Both men are excellent cxandidates! Another year may have been Mc Cain’s time. But not now. He is not the right person at this point in our history.

I sense the excitement that accompanies this election. People are talking. Many have become politically interested for the first time. And for good reason! We are in trouble! Big time!

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