Rain! Rain! Rain!

It did not stop yesterday. And it rained during the night also.

It is supposed to rain today and thru Saturday.

Not good. Key West is celebrating Fantasy Fest this week. The outdoor events, and there are many, will be a disaster!

Last night I ventured out in the pouring rain. First to Aqua. Bobby Nesbitt is back! And I am glad! He is one terrific performer!

Afterwards I was invited to Jerry Tinlan’s annual “bouffant” party at the Oasis. A drag party. About 150 guys dressed. As opposed to 3 males not. I am one of the 3. I wear my usual shorts and tee shirt. Just want to keep the record straight!

The rain however interfered with my going to the party. From past experience I knew this is a big bash held outdoors. The “bouffants” would not be able to handle the rain and wind last night. Nor could I. So I opted to have dinner instead with some friends I ran into at Aqua. We ate at Antonia’s. I generally eat fish. Michael Stewart advised they had no fresh fish. The fishing boats could not go out because of the weather. So I indulged myself with pasta.

I have not seen the local news yet this morning. My sister Joan e mailed me from Tampa to tell me Key West had 7 inches of rain yesterday. I told you it rained big time!

Seven inches is more water than Ike brought to the island.

I knew when I drove home last night the rain had been unusually heavy. My street was flooded. At least 6 inches. Perhaps more.

My garage door motor is broke. I have been parking in the street waiting for the replacement. Last night I was fearful of leaving my car in the street. The water was getting too high. Fortunately my home is built on 8 feet of fill. So I have a steep driveway. Very steep. I parked in the driveway.

I looked out the window this morning. The water level in the street has receeded, but water still covers the street.

Tonight is Pretenders at the Pier House and toga party time at Sloppy Joe’s. Pretender’s is an outdoor event and toga is partially outside. Both will be disasters if the rain continues as has been reported.

Sad. A lot of money and time have gone into planning these events. Pretenders was cancelled last year because of high winds. It may very well be cancelled this evening because of rain.

Larry Smith and Kathleen Peace have devoted much time to preparations for Pretenders. Last year their group was to preform a Beatles rendition. Cancelled. So they have been practicing to do it this year. Tonight. Questionable.

Yesterday was golf day. Obviously no golf. Tonight is bocci. I doubt it.

All is not lost however. Stone crabs are in season. I am invited to a dinner party this evening where they are to be served. What could be better!

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