I finally made it! Lisa permitted me to baby sit last night! First time!

The grandkids are 4 and 3. Lisa says my attention span has not been good enough up to this point. She claims the kids are too fast for me.

Last night therefore was a big test for me! And I passed with flying colors!

Why not? I had 4 children of my own and 9 other grandchildren!

Lisa had to work. At Headdress Ball. Corey was in Key Largo on business.

When I arrived, it was dinner time. Pizza. I had already eaten, but I joined in. Three pieces for me. Bad!

Robert and Ally were glad to see me. I stopped at K Mart on the way in and bought them a couple of pumpkins. Bribery always works!

Lisa left. I had specific instructions.. Only 1 cookie each. Nothing else. What movies to play. What to read. Etc.

We started with the movie. These movies today are terrific. I was bored. They were engrossed. Glued to the set.

At some point, they wanted me to read to them. A book about the Gruffy Goats. Both were sitting on my lap. The book reading went well. They knew every line before I read it.

We played a bit. Then Robert appeared tired. He lay down on the couch and was out in minutes.

Ally does not sleep! No way till her parents were home. She and I jousted a bit. However we made it.

Finally Corey was home. Robert was still asleep. Ally starting to doze. And I reading Newsweek.

A good evening!

And I think I proved my babysitting worth to Lisa. I am confident she will ask me to do it again. Something I want to do!

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