An interesting Sunday! Mildly stated!

I started the day with the papers and coffee. Then Meet the Press. Great show yesterday! As everyone knows by this time, Colin Powell endorsed Obama.

I then decided to take a walk before heading over to Don’s Place to watch pro football. Since we are into Fantasy Fest, I thought I would walk Duval to see what was going on.

When I walk Duval, I park at Square One. As I parked my car, I ran into my good friend Donna. The usual pleasantries…where are you going…what are you doing? She said follow me!

We crossed Duval and entered the Monkey Apple Art Factory. Monkey is an art store/gallery owned by Susan and Michael. A husband and wife team, Susan is the artist and Michael the business end of the operation. Susan’s paintings run from stills of flowers and fruit to some great pop art! Real good works!

Monkey is located directly acrosss the street from Duval Square next door to the former Fletcher’s.

Inside there were a number of people. Some drinking. Male, female, straight, gay, lesbian. Looked like a typical Key West party. And then I saw it! In the center of the room was a girl, lady, woman…..a female…..seated naked on a bar stool. Well, almost naked. On closer observation I noted she was wearing thongs. And being spray painted. The top half of her body, that is.

Turns out Susan has decided to offer spray painting services for a fee during Fantasy Fest. She has never done it before. So she had invited several ladies to come over for her to practice on. Donna was one of them.

Over a period of 2 hours, I watched 3 women being spray painted. What an experience! A lovely experience! Good on the eyes! Good for the soul!

All 3 stripped to their thongs. Just did it.

All 3 had lovely bodies. The statement however has to be placed in perspective. Age comes into play. One was in her 20s, the other in her 40s and my Donna 61. I know Donna does not care that I reveal her age. She tells everyone. Donna looks good with clothes on or off at her age!

Interestingly it was the first time I had seen Donna in any degree of nudity. She is an avowed lesbian. A great body! Beautiful full breasts! No sag! A great butt! In fact, the third lady to strip made comment she was reluctant to do so since Donna’s derriere was so much firmer than hers.

Anyhow… was a fun experience. I will readily admit I enjoyed watching Susan paint their breasts. The breasts were talented and so was Susan! You cannot imagine the precision required to imaginatively and effectively cover the top half of a woman’s torso in paint.

The youngest female ended up with something that looked like marching toy soldiers. Very colorful!

Donna had a black leather vest painted over her boobs. Strings and all! She is “wearing” it to a fetish party tonight.

I did not stay long enough to see what the third became. It was 3 o’clock and I was starving. I had planned on being at Don’s at 1 to eat. So Donna and I headed for Southernmost on the Beach for lunch.

As I sat there, I noted Donna was wearing her blouse and had it buttoned part way. I asked why. She said she was embarassed. For real! I could not believe it. I told her that after 3-4 marriages and now being a lesbian of considerable reknown, how could she be embarassed!

As she told me, those things are personal and private. She had never stripped in front of a group before nor sat for an hour with everything showing, except her most personal part. It was different!

A lady!

Afterwards I headed for Don’s Place to watch some football and see some friends. Jules just returned from Germany and Switzerland where she was able to see her husband for 2 weeks. He is stationed in the mid east and they had some time together. It is good however to have her back. She is my regular bocci partner. Her left hook is deadly.

I stayed awhile and then went to find Lisa and the kids. They were at the playground. Ally makes me nervous. She is only 3 and yet climbs all those weird metal contraptions.

Afterwards I headed to Lisa’s for Sunday dinner. A good time!

I was home by 7 and spent a liesurely evening watching TV. I am into Mad Men which is on HBO Sunday nights at 10. A very good show! Takes me back to the 1960s when I started practicing law. It is just as society was at the time.

The weather continues to be great here. Low 80s. No humidity. Strong breeze off the Atlantic. Again last night no air conditioning required to sleep. Just an open window.

Enjoy your day!

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