Family day big time yesterday.

Corey was away overnight in Fort Lauderdale. So Lisa brought the grandkids over early in the morning. They wanted to swim. The water was a bit cold in the pool. I have not turned the heat on yet and the sun was still not over it. So Robert and Ally played with their toys in the house. I keep my own supply here in the house for them.

After a while the sun was over the pool and it was comforatable to be used. And use it they did! Robert and Ally recently learned how to swim. They no longer require jackets to stay afloat. They jump in the deep end and swim the length of the pool. Great! They are fun to watch. They are tiring to play with.

Then it was lunch time. Lisa feeds them healthy. I eat healthy. So it was easy. Yogurt, turkey on whole wheat and fresh fruit.

By this time they were obviously getting tired. Lisa wanted them to nap here, but they wanted to go home. Good! I needed a rest! I spent the balance of the afternoon in bed watching TV and dozing off.

Fantasy Fest kicked in this weekend. The first two days are Goombay. A street fair.

My evening started with dinner at Antonia’s. At the bar, of course. Business was good. Clayton said they were packed tight the evening before. Reflective of the weekend and the week to follow.

Duval was full of people. A lot of families. Goombay is a street fair and good for the kids also. Not like the rest of Fantasy Fest which is clearly adult oriented.

After dinner I stopped in at La Te Da for a bit. A good crowd there also. And Sassy doing his bar thing.

One drink and I left. I was still tired from the grandchildren earlier in the day.

The cool season is upon us. They call it a Nor’easter. A constant cool breeze coming in from the Atlantic. The temperature is still in the low 80s. However absolutely no humidity. It is very comfortable all day and all night. Little, if any, air conditioning is required. In fact, I have been sleeping without air for several nights.

The Nor’easter has also brought some rain with it. It rains off and on all day. Last night during dinner it poured! Big time! All I could think off were those poor merchants in the Goombay street festival and their opoen air booths which were being drenched. It was not the night to rain!

Today is Sunday! Always a good day! As soon as I finish this blog, I am off to buy the Sunday papers. The morning will be spent reading them. This afternoon Don’s Place and pro football.

What a great day ahead!

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