It is not jetblack this morning because I am up later!

The sun is shinning. Not a cloud in the sky. A strong breeze from the east.

The weather is great now. No humidity! Last night it was 82. Like 72 up north.

I played my worst round of golf yesterday in at least a year! Bad! Fortunately, I only lost $9. I played with Yankee Jack and Larry Smith. Larry was the big winner. After my less than a spectacular round, there was no talk of cutting my strokes. If anything, I should have had more yesterday. I shot 67 for the first 9. That is really bad! Additionally I lost 9 balls during the round. Says it all as to the quality of my performance!

Last night was to be the return of Bobby Nesbitt! I hurried to Aqua to hear him. He was not there! His plane was delayed or something. In his place was the lovely Vanessa Di Gennaro. So the evening was not wasted. She gets better every time I hear her. And each week a few more people show up for her performance. So she is catching on.

I ran into Mark at Aqua. Mark is the new bartender at the Pier House’s Wine Galley. He replaced my friend Donna who has retruned to Tennesssee. Mark bartended along with Sassy for years at La Te Da. So I knew him before his move. A nice guy. An engaging personality. He will be an asset to the ever popular Wine Galley.

I grabbed a quick bite at the bar at Antonia’s. Quiet. Very few patrons. It confuses me. Some nights the town is busy and then nothing!

Then to Lisa’s to watch the debate with Lisa and Corey. Robert was sleeping. Not Ally. She was running around well into the debate. Energized! Such love! A joy to behold!

The debate went as expected from my perspective. A few hits by each side, but run of the mill otherwise. I enjoyed Mc Cain’s shot at Obama when he, Mc Cain, said he was not George Bush.

The news pundits this morning indicate that Obama was far and away the winner. The polls taken afterwards last night support it. We are desperate for a change. I believe Obama is the proper change. I hope he wins. I suspect he will. My concern however is that whoever wins does not take office till January 20th. A long way off based on what is presently happening with the economy.

Speaking of the economy, how far can the market drop? The situation is discomforting.

I have what can be described as a blank day ahead of me. No plans. It will be interesting.

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