Yesterday was a better day.

It snowed heavy at one point. A blizzard!

I spoke with some one in Key West. The temperature was 78 and muggy. Here it was 37 and damp!

I visited my urologist. I had a finger exam would have pleased some of my Key West friends!

Good? Better? Not till the evening.

Last night was a fun time. Finally! My wife had a party for her side of the family. My son John, his wife and children also attended. My daughter Lori, her husband and son are in Vail so were not with us. My father and his friend also joined us. And my friend Gus and his wife.

Gus once visited Key West when espresso martini’s were just becoming popular. He turned on to them and their preparation! He brings his own coffee and paraphernalia to properly prepare the drink. He is anal in the preparation. Measures precisely each portion going into the shaker! Only Sassy at La Te Da makes a better espresso martini. Gus is that good!

So Gus and I had an espresso martini evening. My father had a wee bit of one.

It was a good evening!

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