Rained a lot yesterday. Heavy. Off and on.

I walked early. In between storms.

Gray this morning. Looks like more rain is coming. Definitely. There are mangrove islands to the northweast which I can normally see out of the window. This morning I cannot, which means they are already covered in rain and the rain is coming in.

I did a lot of paper work yesterday. About 3 hours worth. I had let things get behind.

Last night I headed for La Trattoria.

Normally Monday night is quiet. The weekend had been quiet. Not last night! Where every one came from, I do not know. But there was a good crowd in town!

The sidewalks were crowded. People happy. All having a good time.

Monday night is slow slow at La Trattoria. Again, not last night. The bar was packed. Only one seat empty. I grabbed it quickly.

The lovely Kathy was bartending. She, too, was surprised at the volume of business. She told me that on Sunday, the night before, there were only 4 people in and they closed at 8:30.

Who knows!

Even the restaurant portion of La Trattoria filled.

A good Monday night! Good for a Monday night!

Bobby Nesbitt returns tomorrow night! At Aqua at 5:30. He has been in Germany for 6 weeks performing and vacationing. I am excited. I enjoy his singing.

That rain covering the mangrove islands has now reached me. It is pouring! And with it whitecaps in the water. Although lacking in color, it is a pretty sight!

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