I am up early again. Dark black outside! I cannot wait till the time changes so I will see sun when my eyes open.

I spent the morning leafing through the Sunday papers yesterday.

Then to Don’s Place in the early afternoon to watch pro football and chat with friends.

On the way home, I stopped at Lisa’s to see the grandkids. The door was locked. No one at the inn. Later I learned they were at a kid’s birthday party.

Dinner at the Yacht club with Lisa, Corey and the grandchildren. Ally was wired. Lisa said sugar! Ally ate candy and cake at the party.

Then to the Pier House for Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase. A big night!

First, it was Larry’s birthday. Party time! Ballons and all!

Kate Miano was Larry’s featured performer. I did not know she could sing. What a voice! I enjoyed her!

Kate is running for Fantasy Fest Queen. I suspect she will win. She had a huge following with her last night.

Kate is an interesting and multi-talented individual. She owns and operates the Gardens Hotel. The Gardens is one of Key West’s most luxurious resorts. Kate made it that way!

Tino and Maria were back. From Mexico city. They visited their son who is stationed there with the U.S. government.

Harlan has returned! He was at the Showcase also. Old home week!

Harlan used to live in Key West. A man’s man. He now lives in Costa Rica. He is visiting for a week.

I admire Harlan’s business abilities. He owns one the laregest limousine fleets in New York City. He has owned it for many years. He used to operate it from Key West. Now he operates it from Costa Rica. The computer is key. And a dependable New York staff. The two permit Harlan to reside in Costa Rica and only drop into New York every 2 or 3 weeks for a few days to check the business out. A smart man!

Still black outside. Thunder and lightning now. Sharp blue flashes across a horizon that I cannot see!

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