Happy Sunday morning!

My favorite day! The Sunday papers, Don’s Place and dinner with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids.

Yesterday started with a walk. Then a visit to see the grandchildren. They are both at Montessori. Friday they brought home coloring work they had done. It was hanging on the refrigerator door.

Robert showed me his drawings with pride. Ally was afraid I was going to take hers away.

Last night I met my friend Donna for an easy drink and dinner time. At Kelly’s. We both had wings. A big night!

The food and company were both good.

Christopher is back as bartender at Kelly’s. Chris is reigning Fantasy Fest King, having beeen elected last year. His time as King ends in 2 weeks.

It was good to see Chris again. He has been sick.

Chris complained for a month to several doctors of pain in his stomach. He apparently was consistently misdiagnosed. In the end it turned out to be gall stones, which were removed. Chris lost 25 pounds during the month of misdiagnoses.

However he is back, which is good! Happy to feel good again! And oh, so thin!

It is Sunday papers time!

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